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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Download YouTube videos easily

is a desktop application to view, download and convert YouTube videos. It support many audio and video formats including VCD/DVD, MPG, AVI, MP3, 3G, MP4 and the converted videos can be playable on your iPhone, Mobile Phones, MP4 Player, iPod, PSP etc. With ZillaTube, you can extract audio from YouTube videos.

ZillaTube is available for computers running on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Operating Systems.

Features of ZillaTube

* Download YouTube videos easily, and store them in your computer permanently.

* View YouTube videos conveniently and instantly on your PC.

* Convert YouTube to high-quality Audio/Video formats such as VCD/DVD, MPG, AVI, MP3, 3G, MP4 & more.

* Play-back those converted videos on your iPod, Phone, PSP, MP4 player, etc, and view those clips with friends and family.

* Download more reliably, and at faster speed.

How to download YouTuUbe videos and save in your computer?

Step 1: Copy YouTube’s URL

To download a video file, just copy the URL provided by YouTube, as shown below. For example, a typical URL could be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lof7Yq85ynE

Step 2: Paste the URL into ZillaTube

Paste the URL into ZillaTube program as shown below:

Then click the “Download YouTube Video” button.

You will be asked where to save the file, you may just select “desktop” for convenience, or any preferred location.
2. Opening the downloaded video file.

Upon completion of the file download, just drag and drop it into the Drop-Box area of ZillaTube program.

ZillaTube will automatically start playing the file in a separate preview window.

Soon, you will be notified by a message “File Accepted, Ready for Conversion” appearing in the drop-box area, indicating that it is now ready to perform video conversion.

At this time, you may choose to convert the movie. You do not have to wait for the movie-playing to complete. However, before performing the conversion, it is recommended that the preview window is closed by clicking on its “close button” at the top-right-corner of its window. This may speed up the conversion process.

You may also choose one of the four conversion modes ( for example- PC, Music, VCD/DVD, or Mobile Devices ), and adjust the preferred conversion settings. By default, the PC conversion mode is selected.

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